About Us

On-Site Clean decon technicians and supervisors ensure cleanrooms are cleaned in a manner fully compliant with USP 797 and USP 800 guidelines.  Client’s schedule cleans and receive detailed reports utilizing a proprietary integrated software platform. Pharmacists have access to required documentation for their facility at any time.

On-Site Clean USP compliance service platform

  • On-Site Clean is a professional cleaning and disinfecting services company dedicated to help hospitals maintain pharmaceutical cleanroom compliance.
  • Technicians are trained in core competencies specific to USP 797 and 800 cleaning and disinfecting guidelines.
  • Expertise in all levels of clean are provided: daily cleaning, weekly, monthly deep terminal cleans and triple cleans following construction and prior to certification.
  • The On-Site Clean management team is dedicated to innovation and process improvement, offering a high level of expertise in USP guidelines, engaging clients regarding current requirements, possible changes and implications.

Value statement, On-Site Clean offering a better way

  • USP 797 and 800 compliance is essential to maintain clean safe environment.
  • Challenges in hiring and retaining staff, as pharmacy techs and EVS personnel many times lack time and skills.
  • On-Site Clean cloud-based platform allows hospitals to efficiently manage cleaning and disinfecting needs with an easy to use scheduling application with real time access to documentation.

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